Alshaya Enterprises™ Workspace division caters to a diverse variety of customers, providing complete office furniture solutions and turnkey services for institutional clients. Our comprehensive furniture solutions can be found everywhere from private homes to schools, universities, auditoriums, offices, cinemas, airports and restaurants.
We aspire to help people love how they work, by helping them create high performance, hardworking workplaces. We offer the broadest range of services and products — furniture, interior architecture and technology solutions — to help our customers create workplaces that build their business, reflect their brand and support their culture.
We are unique in our industry, in that we offer products and services founded in a research methodology that focuses on the user, and how they really work. The workplace is changing rapidly, as the way we work transforms. Our range of office furniture helps leading businesses create work environments that are productive, efficient and comfortable.
Our solutions offer the flexibility that modern offices need, with the enduring quality you business deserves. From comfortable and ergonomic furniture that reduces stress to interior plans that foster collaboration and creativity, a well-designed workplace can do wonders for any organization.
We are committed to maintaining our leadership role in terms of sustainable responsibility, and we are equally committed to the customers and designers that we work with.
Our job is to make your job easier.
Our passion is helping you Love How You Work®.
Specialties: Workplace, Office, Furniture, Innovation, Insight, Performance.

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  • Estel
  • NowyStyl
  • BN Office
  • Forum Seating
  • Grammer Office
  • Sedus
  • Aresline
  • Teknion

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