About us

Alshaya Enterprises™ (a division of the Alshaya Group) enjoys a sterling reputation as a turnkey interiors ‘design and deploy’ partner, as well as a supplier of some of the world’s best commercial equipment and premium furnishings for the office and home.

Our strengths include end-to-end project management, strategic big-picture thinking, an inclusive and diverse corporate culture, and consistently strong financials.

While serving a large and diverse customer base, we have always adhered to one principle – offering best-value, budget-aligned brands and products that ensure quality project delivery. Our commitment to quality is matched by the focus and attention of our sales and marketing personnel, fully supported by our in-house design, logistics and service departments. This expertise ensures that all bases are covered and helps us retain our competitive advantage across projects of all scales, region-wide. 



Stay true to our heritage and ethics; be authentic; Be Alshaya


To strive for leadership through trend-setting and creating solutions


To work with passion and perseverance, and to be accountable

Customer focus

Everything we do should deliver value to our customers


To deliver an excellent customer experience by providing innovative solutions from our professional team


To be the leading brand, providing customer-driven solutions for residential and commercial projects


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